Instructions for use Prostovit

Instructions for using drops for prostatitis Prostovit

Prostovit drops as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent are used at different stages of prostate disease at any age instead of chemical drugs that negatively affect the body (or together with them insevere forms of disease).

How to use drops: instructions

Convenient dosage form - bottle with dispenser allows you to use Prostovit with maximum convenience at home, on the road, at work. The drug is taken 20 drops per 100 grams of water once or twice daily.

Application of the droplet Prostovit: indication

Type of prostatitis Frequency of disease, explain
Acute bacterial form Occurs in 5-10% of cases, Prostovit drops are used as part of complex therapy. The disease is often associated with a promiscuous intimate life.
Chronic bacterial form 5-10% of cases.
Chronic form not caused by bacteria Occurs in 70-90% of cases. It occurs due to an inappropriate lifestyle (alcohol, unhealthy food, smoking, sedentary), physical overload, damage to the perineum, and age-related reasons. . Prostovit is considered an effective drug for this disease.
The type associated with an enlarged prostate It occurs in 20-30 percent of cases, is due to prostate disorders of a neuroactive nature.

Drops are indicated for potential problems with the prostate, starting with subtle symptoms: irregular stools, constipation or vice versa intestinal disturbances, decreased interest in the opposite sex, decreased energystrong male and appear anxious. Frequent morning urination and urinary retention, pain in the perineum, lower back - this is the reason to buy drops Prostovit, which in Switzerland can be received by post without prepayment. The drug is not sold in pharmacies.

The use of Prostovit allows you to massage the psychologically and physically uncomfortable prostate, as well as severe cases of disease in the form of adenomas, cancer, infertility, impotence. The drug has passed active clinical trials, can be used at any stage of the disease, as well as to improve intimate life. It has a general curative effect, well compatible with other drugs if any. Treatment and prevention of prostatitis with Prostovit gives a long-term exposure effect: often the symptoms and causes of the disease do not return with an appropriate lifestyle.

Contraindications for Prostovit

Drops have a natural composition, which does not exclude the presence of an allergy to the drug as a whole or to its various components. You should carefully read the composition for individual intolerance, because. Due to the oral form, the drug should not be tested on the skin.